Night Road

Ohhhhh Night Road! Where do I begin!?!?

Night Road, by Kristin Hannah

Oh my goodness, what a GEM of a book. Good Read doesn’t even begin to describe the utter joy that one experiences when reading this book.  It was just simply MAGICAL. It deals with teenager relationships: best friends, boyfriends, siblings.  It deals with a mother and her helicopter tendencies, and her balance to find peace. It deals with a father and his relationship with his children.  It deals with the families that you make, not the ones that you are born into.

It deals with…



…high school….and beyond…





Oh my goodness there is something for EVERYONE.  Are teenage male reluctant readers going to be eager to read this? Probably not. Can they appreciate the subtext and the heart?  I think so.  Teenage female reluctant readers, oh I think they will eat this up with a spoon.  As with all adult women, especially the mothers and girls in their mid-twenties.


I promise you’ll devour it.

I read it in one day, and that’s the truth!

Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher 


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