Emily Giffin…Something Borrowed

Hello Friends,

One of my all time favorite authors is none other than Emily Giffin.  Her stories are smart, they are funny, they’ll make you laugh, and they’ll make you cry.  Something Borrowed, (which is now a major motion picture starring Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin) is also fantastic, as it does reflect the storyline of the book.  Time Out New York calls the book, “a contemporary fairytale” and I couldn’t agree more.  And what’s even more delightful is that both the book and the movie turn out quite unexpectedly!

Just in case you were not aware of this, but the story of Rachel, Darcy, Dex, and Ethan, does not end on the last page Something Borrowed! You must go out and pick up a copy of Something Blue, a brilliant sequel SOBO, and I have no doubt that it will be an amazing movie as well.

Emily Giffin is undoubtedly one of my favorite authors, and, her books will definitely be a fit for reluctant readers…trust me.

Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher 


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