Joshilyn Jackson

Hello Friends,


I absolutely, positively, LOVE this author: Joshilyn Jackson.

One of my favorite books of hers is entitled,  Gods in Alabama.  Gods in Alabama has it all – humor, sex, love, familial relationships, ghosts from ones past, and the hope to create a better future.  Our heroine is Arlene Fleet, and she is a spunky southerner to say the least.  Arlene leaves Possett Alabama after high school graduation, to attend college in Chicago. Fleet has no intention of returning to her hometown, but forces bigger than her just pull her back in, and this time, she’s forced to introduce her fiance to her past and the skeletons Arlene has been hiding in her closet.

Returning to Possett will test the strength of Arlene’s relationship, and some may say her mental sanity as well.

It is one of those deliciously wonderful Southern culture books that you will just devour.


You’ll love it, I promise.


Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher 


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