The 12 Days of Books: Day Five, Book Five

Hello Friends!

We’re now on Day Five of The 12 Days of Books at The Write Teacher! Our fifth book that we chose is none other than The Violets of March, by Sarah Jio.

I fell in love with the people of Bainbridge Island long before I even read this beautiful novel. I remember hearing the stories of the loggers, the beaches, the time before fast food chains had made their appearance and the time after, about fishing trips, and about the artists who found their voices and their strengths on the island. I remember hearing about the intimacy and the magic of Bainbridge long before The Violets of March ever graced bookshelves across America. And, let me tell you this, I believe that Sarah Jio captures the spirit and heart of the island with skillful grace. It’s a wonderful story, and it is a perfect read for these cold winter nights.  Bainbridge Island has a special place in my heart, as does The Violets of March.

Go get it now! (A perfect stocking stuffer for women of all ages!)

Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher



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