The 12 Days of Books: Day Ten, Book Ten!

Hello Friends,

It’s ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! I’m very excited, can you tell?

I’m constantly searching bookshelves, bookstores, and libraries to find books for my students, who can be very reluctant readers.  It’s quite the task, finding something that will hook them, finding something that will interest them, and finding something that they will have passion about.

Our tenth title in The 12 Days of Books series at The Write Teacher,is entitled Smile for the Camera, by Kelle James.  It is perfect for reluctant readers, and literary lovers all around, for it hooks, it interests, and it ignites passion in those who dare to pick it up.

Kelle James leaves an abusive home in the hopes of finding herself in a thriving career and healthy lifestyle, only to find herself in yet another toxic situation.  The beauty in the story is the rawness in her emotion, the constant pursuit to rise above it all, and the fact that she is able to overcome the obstacles that are thrown her way.

Read it. 




Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher 



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