discouraged past participle, past tense of dis·cour·age (Verb)

  1. Cause (someone) to lose confidence or enthusiasm.
  2. Prevent or seek to prevent (something) by showing disapproval or creating difficulties.
Hello Friends,
I know this is not normally the nature of our posts here at The Write Teacher, but, I feel as though this needs to be addressed.  I recently heard about two colleagues of mine who are going to be excessed.  It’s a polite way of saying “laid off”.  These individuals have been teachers for the past two years.  These individuals are EXCELLENT teachers.  These individuals are getting the shaft, yet again.  These individuals are not alone.
While all of us here at The Write Teacher are certified, educated teachers, many of us do the juggling act when it comes to employment.  We are substitutes, we are “teaching assistants”, we are teacher aides, we are para-professionals, we are tutors, and we are part-time teachers.  We WORK full-time for school districts, and  yet, we do not get health insurance.  Many of us pay for it on our own…which, needless to say, is not cheap.  And, with the paychecks that we DO receive, well, we don’t exactly come out on top.
Our health insurance premiums are now going up…AGAIN. And yet our paychecks are frozen, our contracts are frozen, and it seems as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
We are discouraged, to say the least.
We are constantly keeping our heads above water, and I fear for the day when our legs get tired of treading…
To all of my “write” teachers out there-keep your head up! You’re not alone.
Live, Love, Learn,
The Write Teacher 

4 thoughts on “Discouraged.

  1. You are definitely not alone in this struggle that so many of us teachers go through. I just met with a teacher today who is teaching seven classes on three different campuses just to make ends meet…and insurance is not part of that package! The work is important, yes, but there should definitely be just compensation and protection (health insurance, for example) for those who provide these vital, vibrant services for students.

    What are your ideas on how the current system could be changed?

    • Thank you for your kind words! It’s nice to know that our work is appreciated. I wish there was a clear cut fix to how the current system could be changed. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a cut and dry solution. I do believe that the values of education need to be reassessed…teachers are just not valued anymore, and as silly as it seems, I do believe that is at the root of the issue. We don’t go into education to be millionaires, and I don’t think there is one teacher out there who is looking for a “handout”, only what he/she deserves! The documentary, “American Teacher” truly has some enlightening ideas about the entire subject. I think everyone should watch it. I’m reminded of one of the quotes from the trailer…”that in todays day in age, if you sell cell phones at Verizon, you will be better off financially than someone who dedicates their lives to being a teacher”. I’m not sure what’s right or wrong, but when the “caring” professions are put last, well, I believe that’s a scary indication of the social climate. Thanks for reading!

  2. Reading your blog, I realise I am fortunate to be living in the UK where we are covered by the National Health Service. It is a difficult time for us all the education world. We give so much to our work as we beleive in it, but it makes it easier to take advantage of good will.

    • Thank you for your kind words! It’s nice to know this is reaching so many readers. I love your quote – “We give so much to our work, as we believe in it, but it make it easier to take advantage of good will.” Beautiful!

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