PROOF, by David Auburn…Using Drama in the English classroom

Hello Friends!

My students just finished reading Proof, by David Auburn, and it was very well received!  The play centers around Catherine, the youngest daughter of Robert, a recently deceased mathematical genius, who was a professor at the University of Chicago.  At the time of his death, Robert battled severe mental illness, and Catherine was his caretaker, and perhaps his most prized pupil.  In the aftermath of her fathers death, Catherine faces extreme challenges about her own mathematical genius, and, her own lurking mental illness. After Roberts passing, his protoge, Hal, in the company of Catherine,  discovers a proof that could very well change the field of mathematics.  Hal naturally assumes that this was the work of Robert, until Cahterine challenges that, claiming ownership of the material.

There are many core themes at the heart of this play that will relate to so much of the human experience, and they are so much bigger than paradigm shifting proofs.  It is a play about family, about love, about loss, about ownership, about authorship, about faith, and about trust.

Using plays in the high school English classroom is an EXCELLENT way to engage all students in the class.



…it is great.  Use it. Read it. Teach it. 

Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher



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