The Secretaries of Juliet DO EXIST, they are alive and well at “The World Needs More Love Letters”…

Hello Friends!

Oh my goodness, I stumbled across an absolute GEM in my writing and posting work today.  Actually, I stumbled across two gems.  First of all, a few weeks ago, when I launched The Write Teacher twitter account, I came across a truly amazing not-for-profit organization, She’s the First.  She’s the First is dedicated to sponsoring girls education in developing countries, helping girls be the first in their families to graduate.  They provide such inspiration for Young Americans across the country, fostering a sense of leadership, self-awareness, and global awareness in our younger generations.

In my interaction with the outstanding women behind the She’s the First campaign, I have come across many brilliant, creative, and passionate women.  Today, I stumbled across something that I thought existed only in movies, only in fairy tales, only in dreams…

“The World Needs More Love Letters”….

I remember when I watched the movie Letters to Juliet, where the women of Verona actually RESPOND to the “love letters” that are left at the “Juliet Wall”.  Perhaps it is the hopeless romantic in me, or the artist, or the writer, or the teacher…but I thought the concept of that was awesome!  And yes, for a brief moment I thought, imagine if I just picked up, moved to Italy, and wrote love letters for a living? Romantic, yes.  Practical? No, not really.  But, the thought has always been there, in the back of my mind.  Or should I say, the whole concept of the Juliet Wall, well I just think it’s a beautiful thing.  Anyway, I digress.

Due to my interaction with the women of She’s the First, The World Needs More Love Letters was brought to my attention, and, let me just say, I was blown away.  THE SECRETARIES OF JULIET DO EXIST! They are alive and well, and they started writing on the 4 train in NYC.

The mastermind behind the whole project is a woman named Hannah Brencher, and, she explains their story better than I ever could:

To me, this IS magical.  I feel like I just found out Santa Claus and the Tooth fairy are real.

Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher 


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