I’d like to thank the Academy…

Hello Friends,

My college entrance essay was an Oscar acceptance speech.  No, I’m not kidding. It really was an Oscar acceptance speech, in which I was accepting the Academy Award for Best Director.  I ended my speech thanking Ron Howard for being such an inspiration to me, and influencing my work.

Lets fast forward almost ten, (yikes!), ten years later.  I’m not an academy award-winning director, well, at least not yet. HA.  What do I do? I’m a struggling theater teacher. Yes, I said theater teacher. And yes, I used the word struggling and followed it up with teacher.  You see, when I went to graduate school, I had these big dreams of pursuing my writing/directing dreams, and teaching during the day. I wanted to be Erin Gruwell during the day, and somehow be Meryl Streep and Diablo Cody at night.

Clearly, I had no idea what I was talking about.

I graduated with my M.A. from one of the most expensive universities on the PLANET…

…and then the economy crashed.

And then I got a rude awakening.

I became my own version of Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, and Hilary Swank in The Freedom Writers.  And while I do love what I do, there is a part of me that still dreams for the day when I make that acceptance speech.

I loved the Academy Awards last night.  Contrary what many people in the press said today, I thought Billy Crystal was fantastic.  I thought Octavia Spencer’s win was WELL DESERVED, as was Meryl Streep’s, although I also would’ve been happy if Viola Davis won. For those of you haven’t seen The Help, go see it now. It’s a beautiful film, brilliant acting, and stellar directing.  BUT, as always, make sure to read the book first!  Christopher Plummer brought tears to my eyes. I was thrilled at the success of HUGO. I thought it was awesome that Melissa McCarthy was even nominated, as comedy never really gets much attention when it comes to the Academy Awards, and she was hysterical.  Did I agree with all of the victories last night? No. But, I’m so sick of people chomping at the bit to hate on each other, that, I’m not even going to go there. It’s just not even worth it. I think we need to get to a place where we celebrate each other’s victories, rather than enjoying and taking pleasure in ones failures.

Congrats to the nominees and to the winners.

Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher



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