KONY2012 Hate(ers)…

Hello Friends,

With all of the frenzy regarding the IC Kony2012 campaign, I feel the need to comment, not about the movement, but about the ridiculous OPPOSITION to KONY2012.  I recently viewed some postings of former students of mine, and was appalled at their complete and utter flippant attitude towards the entire thing. The sarcasm, the bitterness, the hatred, it’s just disgusting. Do the people at Invisible Children truly believe that you can STOP a dictator with a click of a LIKE button on Facebook? No. But the social media frenzy that has now happened regarding Joseph Kony has at least informed the masses of what is going on! WHY IS THAT SO BAD? So many students had no idea what the LRA, child soldiers, or Joseph Kony even were, hell they can’t even point out Uganda on a map! Now they know who Kony is, now they know what the LRA is, now they know about the child soldiers in Uganda.  I think that’s an accomplishment in itself.

I heard it said that the filmmakers are just a bunch of hipsters with a camera, wanting notoriety.  Yet it seems to me that so many of the “haters” are hipsters who are just mad that they didn’t think to make the documentary first.

I think it’s sad how people are so quick to hate.  I realize how naive I was, when I didn’t foresee such criticism and backlash of KONY2012.  It infuriates me how people make ENTIRE CAREERS out of harping on the failures of others.  It is rare to see people celebrating the success of others, instead we celebrate failures, downfalls, and mistakes.  It’s just sick.  Here you have a group of people who are truly trying to do something out of good, and yet, there are people hoping for their failure, attempting to sabotage their efforts, and awaiting their downfall.

What ever happened to the old adage, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher 



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