A Write Teacher FILM Review: We Bought A Zoo

Hi Friends,
My vacation began on a wonderful note-last night I watched the film, We Bought a Zoo.

We Bought a Zoo is a fantastic film, a feel good film, and a film that should have received more recognition than it did. It is a film about the Mee family. Benjamin Mee is an adventurer, a writer, and a widower. His wife, Katherine dies, and he is left trying to keep himself and his two children, Dylan and Rosie, afloat and happy. When Dylan is expelled from school, Benjamin and Rosie set out to find a new home. They fall in love with their dream home, which happens to come with A ZOO.

In order to purchase the home, Benjamin must agree to also become the caretaker of the zoo, and, much to Rosie’s delight, he takes on this new adventure.

Matt Damon does an outstanding job in his portrayal of Benjamin Mee. Absolutely outstanding. You just want to reach out into the screen and give him a hug, that’s how much you sympathize and empathize with this character.

See it now.

“Sometimes, all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage.” ~ Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo


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