Hello Friends,

From our friends at Tales of Substitution:

Forgive the less than upbeat nature of this post, but I’m in a rather foul mood and I just need to vent.  While perusing the internet for research purposes, I came across rather horrifying remarks on, yes, Obamacare.  I do not understand WHY people have such HATRED for it.  Is the goal to make medicine a privilege? Really? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONSTANT BATTLE BETWEEN THE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTIES. It’s sickening. And to the people, who were so opposed to the Buffet Tax Plan…did you read it? Or did you just listen to Bill O’Rielly spew his hatred for the current administration.  Nobody READS ANYMORE. We just watch, watch, watch. Do your homework.  OWED MONEY THIS YEAR. I WORK FOUR JOBS. I MAKE NINETY DOLLARS A DAY. And the millionaires are going to cry about thirty percent? Really???  It’s like it doesn’t pay to WORK HARD ANYMORE. You either have to be a millionaire and stomp on the little people, or on welfare so others can take care of you.  What’s in it for the people who do not fall in either group? 


Let’s be clear, I’m not trying to get out of anything. I work. I’m not looking for a free ride, I’m not looking for a handout.  BUT HEY, I’m not looking to be stomped on either, and that my friends, is what’s happening. 

I wonder if there will be a day when I can actually teach at one school, have health insurance, and make a decent paycheck.  Let’s be clear that I’m not looking for a short cut, an “easy job”, or anything of the sort.  I went to school for four years.  I went to an unbelievably expensive graduate school for another two.  (Did anyone twist my arm on that? No. But did I think it would be almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a full-time job teaching? NO.)  I followed the rules.  I did what I was supposed to do.  I put THE TIME IN…and yet…well, part sub/part-teach/part loco…motion? We all need to start LISTENING TO ONE ANOTHER.


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