Smiles and good thoughts from Madison, CT…

Hello Friends!

One of my very dear friends, who also happens to be a literacy and elementary school teacher, sent me a lovely little text message yesterday.  It was a picture message, and, those always tend to make me smile.

 Check it out:

I’m in a cute little book store, and thought of you and your blog and you will have to come visit and see it! xo

It’s always wonderful hearing from good friends, and it’s even more special when there is something in their life that reminds them of you! Her and her husband have recently moved to Connecticut, and after years and years of living no more than five minutes away, it’s sad to have them both so far away! But, that’s what long weekends were created for – ROAD TRIPS! Anyway, I digress.  Naturally I wanted to know what this little gem of a bookstore was called and so my dear friend informed me that the name of this treasure is R.J. Julia Booksellers. I’m already smitten, just from looking at the pictures and reading up on the store’s history.

R.J. Booksellers is a 21-year-old INDEPENDENT bookstore! It’s mission? To be a place where words matter, where writer meets reader, where the ambiance and selection and merchandising of books creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and presents the opportunity for discovery.

I think I’m in love.

Visiting R.J. Booksellers will most definitely be on my summer to do list – and it should be on yours as well!


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