Celebrate LOVE instead of HATE

Hello Friends!

Just today I read a tweet of Jennifer Weiner that got me thinking. She “tweeted”, “if you blog about trying to be kind and generous and a literary agent calls it BS, what happens when you blog about being mean?”

I personally think she touched on a growing trend that I find rather disturbing. Success and positivity are no longer celebrated. People wait with baited breath for others to screw up. We scoff at the support one professional might give another, instead of trying up help each other.

I don’t understand.

Are people that cynical?

It’s sad.

We don’t listen to each other anymore, we attack.

Now, I’m all for constructive criticism, after all, nobody’s perfect. But hey, before you start trashing someone’s writing, passions,careers,performances, art…
Well maybe you should try your hand at whatever they do, see if you can do it better, see what it’s like to walk a mile in their shoes. And if you don’t want to try that?

Well maybe you should just keep your opinions to yourself.


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