The Music Magic of Springsteen…

Hello Friends,

Here at The Write Teacher we are huge supporters of music. We believe that music has the ability to lift the spirit, heal the heart, and provide strength and determination when it is needed most. The magic of music is just endless…

My students write everyday in the journals that I have provided for them.  It’s my favorite part of class, and I know that it is their favorite part as well.  When they write, the I play music.  The music selection varies depending on the day and the mood of the class, but the presence of music is constant.  When I find a new song that I’m absolutely in love with, I’m known for putting it on repeat…a habit that is a source of laughter and humor among my students and friends.

My latest obsession?

Springsteen, by Eric Church.


If you love country music, you will adore this song.  If you don’t love country, you will still be able to appreciate this song.  It’s a beautiful blend of melody, rhythm, and soulful lyrics. It will take you back to your first love, your greatest love…it will take you back to that person whose presence has never left your heart.  The memories between you and that person will come flooding back.  No matter how much time has passed, it will feel as though you saw them, held them, and kissed them just mere moments ago.

It will make you smile. It might make you cry.

It’s beautiful.

Listen to it now, I promise you will love it.

2 thoughts on “The Music Magic of Springsteen…

  1. saying hi from SITS! Love how he wrote a song and wove the springsteen “time” and lyrics into it. Just saw Springsteen in concert and at 62, he’s better than ever and he really does transport you to another time and place when you listen to his music. What a powerful influence he’s been on American rock music and culture in general.

    • Hello SITStah! Thank you for such wonderful feedback, it’s always nice to hear. And I absolutely LOVE this song! Hopefully some of us write teachers will be able to see Springsteen this summer, keep your fingers crossed!

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