A Write Teacher Review: Rainshadow Road, by Lisa Kleypas

Hello Friends,

I’m starting to think that there is something magical about Washington State. Perhaps it’s my childhood love of Sleepless in Seattle, my grown up fascination with Forks, WA, and/or the permanent spot that Bainbridge Island has in my heart. Every novel I’ve read about Seattle and its islands has always been a delicious read, and Rainshadow Road, by Lisa Kleypas is no exception.











This is a book that explores intimacy on every level-physical, emotional, spiritual, magical; Kleypas hits it all. You will become completely absorbed in the lives of Lucy, a glass artist, and Sam, a vineyard owner.  Lucy’s boyfriend, Kevin, dumps her after a two-year relationship for another woman.  Who is the other woman? Her younger sister, Alice.  When Lucy’s parents get word of the up and coming nuptials, they refuse to pay for the wedding until Lucy finds happiness and peace with the situation. What’s the fix?

Kevin and Alice blackmail Sam into courting Lucy.

Does their plan work? Will Lucy ever find happiness again?

Well, get yourself a copy of Rainshadow Road, and find out!


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