A Write Teacher Review: Skipping a Beat, by Sarah Pekkanen

Hello Friends,

There are good novels, and then there are great novels.  There are stories that stay with you, long after you read them.  The messages, the characters, the whole point of it all, becomes part of you.  Skipping a Beat, by Sarah Pekkanen, is one of these novels, one of these stories, and it’s by far one of the greatest books I’ve read.

And believe me, I’ve read a lot of books.

To me, good books have heart, they have grit, they have a soul. The characters in a truly good book are far from perfect, in fact, they are perfectly imperfect, thus their appeal.  They are people that we can relate to, souls that we sympathize with, empathize with, and quite possibly learn from. Skipping a Beat, without a doubt, touches on all of these elements.

At the heart of Skipping a Beat, is a dynamic husband and wife team, Julia and Michael.  But, fifteen years and several million dollars after they said “I do”,they find themselves more distant than ever. There is no spark, there is no dynamic, they are just two ship passing in the night.

And then Michael has a heart attack.

He is pronounced dead for four minutes.

Thanks to a defibrillator, he is brought back to life, but he is forever changed.

With this new lease on life, he decides to give away the millions he has made…

…without talking to Julia.

Can they fix the wounds that run so deep? Can they save their marriage? Can Michael get Julia to love him again?

They have three weeks to figure it out.  Why three weeks? Well, I’m not going to tell you and spoil the fun, you’ll just have to read it and find out.

It’s an absolutely brilliant read. I cried, quite uncontrollably at moments, which is saying a lot because I’m not moved to tears very often.

Get it now.


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