A Write Teacher Review: Stay, by Deb Caletti

Hello Friends,

I have often found, both in my own experience and in the experiences of the women and girls around me, that women blame themselves when they are in a volatile relationship. The significant other cheats? We ask what we did wrong, we ask why we werent enough. The significant other hits? Again we look inward. What did we do to set him off?

Cheating is not ok.

Physical abuse is not ok.

Emotional absuse is not ok.

Manipluation is not ok.

We need more books that remind the young women of today that NONE of that is OK.

And, although it takes time and support, we need to remember that it’s not our fault.

Deb Caletti explores these themes and more, in her YA novel, Stay. Clara, the novels main character, is dealing with the fall out from a horrible and toxic relationship.  It is so harmful to her, that in the interest of her safety, her father moves them from the town that has been their home from quite some time. They make a new home, in a new city, where nobody can find them. Or so they hope.  With the support of her father, new friends, and a person who teaches Clara what love is really all about, she regains her strength and self-respect.

It’s a quick read, and AN IMPORTANT READ, especially for young girls.








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