A Write Teacher Review: Home Front, by Kristin Hannah

Hello Friends!

I picked up Home Front, by Kristin Hannah from the library on Monday, and I finished it today. How was it you might ask?

In a word, excellent.

Home Front deals with a military family caught in the chaos of Operation Iraqi Freedom. What is it like for families when a parent goes overseas? How does that affect the children? The spouse? More often than not, it is the father, the husband, the man who fights for our freedom overseas. One of the most compelling aspects of Home Front is that in the Zarkades family, Jolene, well, she’s the soldier, the hero, the mother, and the wife.

Home Front will take you through the depths of war, the strains that it has on the family structure, the bonds that it creates, and it will remind you, that even if you don’t necessarily agree with the war that is going on, it is imperative that you thank the soldiers that are fighting it for you. It’s a story about love, commitment, and friendship.

It’s a story about life.

Get it now.






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