Many Thanks…

Hello Friends,

It’s that time of year when school is coming to an end, summer is within reach, and, high school seniors are graduating. My students are part of an Alternative High School program, and, needless to say they come from all different walks of life, and their high school years have not been easy. I suppose it’s the difficult of their lives that make their graduation even more powerful and momentous. It’s these graduations that keep things in perspective for me.

All you teacher haters out there…the ones who think educators don’t DO anything, or get paid TOO MUCH, well, take a look at the note that one of my seniors gave me:


For those of you who can’t quite make out the handwriting, here it goes:

Ms. Minn you are the reason I am going to college. You had faith in me and pushed me. I have kept a strong state of mind, even in my weaker moments, because I think, “What would Minn do/feel if she knew I did this?” You’ve been an amazing role model to me. YOu’ve inspired and been a role model to all your students.

You take just enough shit from us, but don’t let us cross the line.  For such a young teacher, you’re an inspiration.  You are always open, honest, and genuine.

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