A Write Teacher Review: Fifty Shades Darker, by EL James

Hello Beautiful People!

We have finished 50 Shades Darker, by EL James, and may I just say…

Oh my…

Like I said before, I’m sure James understands that the trilogy will not be a Pulitzer prize winner, but I truly believe that that was not her intention. All the interviews surrounding James stipulates that she wanted to create stories that stayed with people.

Mission accomplished.

Are there heavy sex scenes throughout this book?

Does sex play an undercurrent, an important role in this book?

Is that the point?
No, I don’t think so.

This book is the carnal essence of human relationships.  Nothing is perfect, nothing is easy, nothing is, for lack of a better term “cookie cutter”, despite the show that other may perform.  Relationships are hard. They are beautiful. They cut to the bone. They celebrate the beauty. They take us to our lowest lows, and they can bring us to our highest highs. They are MESSY. And, in our opinion, EL James chooses to explore the messy. The undisclosed. The private. The beauty.

Fifty Shades Darker continues the saga of Ana and Christian, forcing them to look inward when the going gets tough.

It’s awesome.












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