A Write Teacher Review: Fifty Shades Freed, by EL James

Hello Friends,

We have completed Fifty Shades Freed, and may we just say…

Oh my!

The final book in this intriguing trilogy is by far our favorite. The saga continues with twists and turns in the ever tumultuous relationship that is Christian and Ana, and it was, in a word – fantastic.

The people, or shall I say “critics” of this trilogy, seem to be none other than jealous folk.  For we have said this before, and we will say it again…it is our belief that Ms. James did not intend to be a Pulitzer Prize winner, but rather, she wanted a story that people could connect to, a story that people would go to bed thinking about.

Mission accomplished.

We will not encourage the negativity regarding these books, for it is just petty.  But we will say this – it’s a great love story, and anyone who says differently is just acting like a petulant, immature, jealous child.

If you strip away the billions of dollars that is the Grey fortune, the rather peculiar tastes of their bedroom antics, well, what is left is a newlywed couple, attempting to work out the kinks in their relationship.

I mean, who can’t relate to that?

Christian and Ana are characters that stay with you, and it’s not just because of…kink.  It’s a story about an unlikely pair, and everything else is just secondary. Whether the masses want to admit it or not, there is a little bit of Christian and Ana in all of us.

We wait with baited breath for Fifty Shades of Christian.

Read it, and see for yourself!







4 thoughts on “A Write Teacher Review: Fifty Shades Freed, by EL James

  1. Again, I completely agree with your review! Well said, I feel the exact same way, about every point made. I actually missed Grey for a few weeks! And still refer to him or ana from time to time. People get so stuck in it being just”porn for bored stay at home moms” ~ so untrue! Glad you liked how the story left the couple!!

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