Hello Beautiful People,

Today was one of those beautiful summer nights. One for the record books. One of those nights that playwrights, authors, and just creative folks around the world write about. It was one of those nights that you just want to capture, whether it’s with your words, with a paintbrush, or with the Instagram app on your trust iPhone.  Today was one of those nights, where the fireflies were out in full force.


…as I was on my nighttime run, I found myself being mesmerized by the amount of fireflies that were out.

Punctuating the sky and the air like little fireworks.

It was like Tinkerbell had a million babies and they were just floating all over the place….and it got me thinking.

Did you ever catch fireflies when you were a kid?

Did they hold the same magic for you that they did for me?


…they held a sense of magic. A sense of hope. I remember catching them in jars, and trying to keep them as a pet. But that never lasted…they’d always, well, die.  It’s like I was trying to hold the magic in the jar, hoping to never let it go, hoping that somehow it would bleed into my life.

But, I suppose, when push comes to shove, fireflies are like childhood innocence, they’re like creative magic…not meant to be nottbled up, but rather, they (it), should be set free.


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