An Unexpected Sauna

Hello Friends,

This is one of those stories that just, well, had to be written down.

I think it’s part of woman DNA to strike up conversations in the unlikeliest of places, and so, I’d like to continue the Sauna chronicles.  I seem to have the most memorable conversations in that little oven of a room. Perhaps it’s the heat, perhaps it’s the close quarters, but it’s rather amusing how strangers will divulge their deepest secrets to one another.
After a rather grueling run, I like to take comfort in the heat of that lovely little room. Perhaps it’s psychosomatic, perhaps it’s actually true, but the more I sweat, the better I feel afterwards-I swear it works wonders.

Anyway, that little room can get rather tortuous, and so unexpected conversation is always welcomed.

So, I was making conversation with another girl in the sauna…the conversation was generic…exercise talk, boyfriend talk, job talk…the usual.  And then another girl walked in, and things starts getting…interesting. The newcomer to the group, well, she was adorable. Young, pretty, bright-eyed, and clearly intelligent. She started talking about fitness, nutrition, and health, and it was obvious that she knew what she was talking about.  So, being the curious cat that I am, I asked if she was a personal trainer. She said no, but she was studying microbiology and wanted to become a nutritionist.

“Awesome, I said.”

The conversation continued, and, at one point she said she had to go to work. Again, my curiosity gets the best of me. I asked my new friend where she worked, and she told me the name of a strip club.

“I’m a stripper.”

DAMN! I was not expecting that. Not at all. But, I think it’s an important topic to discuss, to make sure that you do not judge people for what they do, but rather who they are.
This girl was not any of the stereotypes that come along with the word stripper. She was a hard worker. Driven. Making the best of the hand she was dealt, and keeping her sights on her end goal, her ideal career, and her ideal life.  Hell, Channing Tatum, (a man who most of the female population salivates over), just made a multi-million dollar profit due to his experiences as a stripper. I didn’t hear anyone complaining!
My new friend reminded me that you should never judge someone based on what they do, you never know the battles that someone is facing, and you never know the places that they hope to go, the goals they hope to achieve.

It was, without a doubt, an unexpected sauna.


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