A Write Teacher Feature: The Prima Ballerina in Me, on HUGstronger

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Check out our founders newest story on HUGstronger, a wonderful organization helping undergrads grow stronger.

The Prima Ballerina in Me

I dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina. I was in high school when the film Center Stage came out, but, even before that, I wanted to dance. There is nothing that can compare to that thrill of being onstage, nothing. And I wanted it all.

I am 5’9”, and my mother swears I was that height at thirteen.

I have a 36C bust.

Prima ballerina? Not in my future.

But I tried, oh how hard I tried!

I remember my ballet teacher telling me that if I was ever going to succeed, if I was ever going to become a prima ballerina, well, I’d have to shed a couple of pounds, and that was putting it lightly.

Was I fat? No, not at all.

Was I prima ballerina weight? No, not at all.

I’m a hundred percent Italian, and while the Mediterranean diet is healthy, well, it’s not exactly steamed broccoli. I liked my meats! My cheese! MY BREAD!

I LIKED FOOD! Is that a crime?

No, not for the normal human being.

Could that be a crime for the aspiring ballerina who does not have a fast metabolism?

Well, yeah.

I’m not trying to slander the ballet community. Truly. I have the utmost respect for the women and men of the professional ballet companies of the world. I have the utmost respect for the women and men of the amateur ballet companies of the world. But, even with all the respect that I have, it does not discount the fact that it’s a difficult world.

And heavy girls? Well, they don’t exactly fit.

As an adult, I can understand it now. If you’re going to be a prima ballerina, well, the men in the company need to be able to lift you with ease. Some women are built that way, and some women aren’t.

And there’s no shame in the latter, it’s just…biology. You need to gracefully glide through the air…

Check out the rest of our article here.

Note – Images are from HUGstronger.com


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