Senseless. Heartless. Gutless.

Hello Friends,

The older I get, the more I fear for this world.
The more I know, the less I understand.

I do not understand what happened at that movie theater in Aurora. I do not understand such a violent, disgusting, horrible act. I do not understand what could posses someone to do that. How selfish can you be? How dark are some souls? Have you no compassion? Have you no heart? I will not give importance to the gutless individual who committed this utterly tragic, horrific, and unspeakable crime, but a “human” like that, well, I believe that blood does not pump his veins, no, it must be something all together evil…

…for what type of person can do that to another? To such innocence? 

I read the wordless love letter by our friends at The World Needs More Letters today, and once again I’m reminded of the kinship that we share; for Hannah Katy Brencher was able to verbalize what many of us are unable to do on such a dark day.

And it is indeed, dark.

There are no words that will do this justice. There are no words that will will erase the pain of the victims, the families, the loved ones. The nightmares that will replay. The horror that permeates their beings…there are no words to describe such atrocities. Words fail me now.

There are no words that will bring the  lives lost back to us.

No words.

Perhaps there is a special place in hell for the shell of a man who could do such unspeakable things.  One can only hope.

There are no words that will make this ok.
There are no words.

He who did such things should not be remembered. He should be forgotten. What should be remembered, are the lives that were lost, cut short, taken before their time.

Jessica Ghawi (Redfeild) – she should be remembered. Micayla Medek. Alex Sullivan. The other souls that were lost that I do not even know. THEY SHOULD BE remembered. They should be honored. There should be television shows and stories and specials and celebrations of those lives. The gutless wonder who caused all this? He should be forgotten.

So it is support that will be given. Prayers that will be said. It is hope that we give, it is love that we send, for the world needs love now more than ever.



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