MCC Theater Youth Company – FreshPlay Festival 2012

Hello Friends!

(A message from our founder):

This past week, our founder had the pleasure and the privilege of partaking in MCC Theater’s Fresh Play Festival.  It was, phenomenal!


There are times, as a teacher, as an adult, and as a general member of society, that I fear for the future of America.  I fear that my students and the younger generations no longer think, no longer question, no longer…{feel}.

…and what’s the point of life, if we do not {feel}?

…what’s the point of life…in all we have in the end is {death}?

…do we hurt each other, just to gain an upper hand?

…is there such a thing as a love that transcends time & space?

…is there such a thing as {love}?

…what’s the point of life in general?

I was blown away when a sixteen year old girl, Rocio, attempted to answer ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS, in her play, Allegiance. I feel so privileged to have been a part of her first workshop.  The language, the subtext, the overall meaning of Allegiance…well, it blew me away. Deep? Yes. Wise beyond her years? Yes. Beautiful? Absolutely.

There were times when I couldn’t believe that the playwright was a soon to be senior in high school.  Yes, she’s young, but damn, the girl has insight, passion, a voice, & drive.

If all students are like this, well, there is no longer a need to fear for the future of America, for I think that we’ll be OK – better than OK.  We’ll be great.

I am grateful to have worked with MCC Theater, for it is theatre’s like them that keep passion, love, life, & art in education, and oh how important that is…there’s no dollar sign that could be put on my experience last week, it truly was priceless. Kudos to you all.



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