A Write Teacher Review: Girl Unmoored, by Jennifer Gooch Hummer

Hello Friends, 

They say that middle school is quite possibly one of the most traumatic time periods in a person’s life.
Personally, we’d have to agree.
But imagine, just for a minute, that someone misread your birth certificate, and your name was Apron when it should have been April. Imagine that your mother died, at that point in your life when you needed her the most. Imagine that you had freckles when that was the furthest thing from beautiful, and that you were the last one to get an actual bra, not a training bra.  Imagine your best friend in the entire world crossed over to the dark side, to the popular side, to the side of the tyrants, the students who got joy out of terrorizing others.
What would life be like?

That, and more, is the story of Girl Unmoored, by Jennifer Gooch Hummer.

Girl Unmoored is a coming of age story, and at the heart of it is Apron Bramhall.  It is a story for mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and everyone in between.  It’s a story for adults, and it’s a story for teenagers.  It’s what they call a timeless tale, one that will resonate with all who read it.

The year is 1985, and just because it is over twenty years ago, well, the complexities and the awkwardness of middle school are the same then as they are now.  But Apron has it more tough that most kids her age; her mother passed away, her best friend has ditched her for the “popular girl”, and her father has formed a rather intimate relationship with the nurse who looked after her mother in her dying days.

Apron’s summer is saved when she befriends a gay couple, Mike and Chad.  Mike and Chad teach her about the beauty of friendship, of live, and love.  They are there for her when Apron’s whole world seems to have shut her out. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

What happens to their friendship? What happens to Apron? Will she survive the summer without friends that are her own age? Will her father actually make a commitment to the nurse, “M”, a woman who despises Apron?

Well, we’re NOT going to tell you, because that would ruin the point of the book, wouldn’t it?

No spoilers here at The Write Teacher!

What you should know is this: Jennifer Gooch Hummer does an outstanding job of taking you back to your middle school years.  We don’t care if you weren’t in middle school during 1985, because as teacher in 2012, rest assured, not much has changed.  Teenagers are awkward, they can be really mean, and middle school, is, above all, a time for all sorts of change.

Girl Unmoored is a beautiful story, one of love, friendship, kindness, and strength.  Yes, I said strength.  Apron Bramhall is a human being who possess an ext ordinary amount of strength and poise, all adults could  learn a thing or two from her.

Go get your copy of Girl Unmoored now; you know we’ve never steered you wrong!


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