A Write Teacher Review: One Breath Away, by Heather Gudenkauf

Hello Friends!

We loved The Weight of Silence.

We were enthralled with These Things Hidden.

We adored One Breath Away.

If there’s one thing we can say about the novels of Heather Gudenkauf, well, it’s that they get better every time.

One Breath Away centers around every parents worst nightmare – a man with a gun walks into Broken Branch Elementary School, and holds a classroom full of children hostage.

What kind of monster does such a thing? Where do such despicable actions come from? How do people who do such things look at themselves in the mirror the next morning?

Augie is thirteen years old, living in Iowa, going to Broken Branch Elementary School. Her brother and her are living with their mothers parents, living in the town that she (their mother Holly), swore she’d never return to.  But when Holly gets into a major accident, the only people who are there in her corner are her parents.

And so Augie and her brother, P.J. try to make the best of life on a farm….and they’re starting to get used to it…

…and then a man walks into school with a gun. Right into P.J.’s classroom. Right into the lives of this small, peaceful, and sleepy town.  Who is the only person that can save these children from a potentially horrific tragedy?

Officer Meg Barrett.

Will she be able to do it?

Will P.J & Augie make come out of this unscathed?

Well, read it and see!

One Breath Away is riveting. It will shock you, surprise you, and delight you.

Go get it now.


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