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As you all know, our founder is part of the writers team at HUGstronger.com.

Check out her latest article, “To the Class of 2016: What I Know Now”:

To the Class of 2016,

I graduated college in 2007, and yet is seems like yesterday. I attended to Binghamton University, and while I loved every second of it, I do remember what it was like to be an incoming freshman.

I remember being petrified.

I remember being excited.

I remember worrying that I wasn’t making the right choice as far where I was going to college,

I remember worrying that I wouldn’t be able to pick a major.

I remember worrying about leaving my family.

I remember worrying about leaving my friends.

I remember thinking, what if I don’t make any friends?

I remember thinking, what if I can’t cut it, as far as academics go?

I remember it all.

I know now that being petrified is sometimes part of life, and that is OK. There is power in fear, if you know how to use it. Let your fears challenge you, let them push you; let them help you question the world around you. Fear can be beautiful.

I know now that is important to savor the exciting moments in life. Revel in the butterflies, in the topsy-turvy sensation that many experiences will bring, for although they can be fleeting, they too are also beautiful moments.

I know now that I love school, I love academia, and sometimes, you do not have to pick just one major. I didn’t pick just one, I studied Philosophy, Political Science, and Law, AND Theatre. Even in my graduate studies, I received a dual masters certification in Educational Theatre and English Education. The world is your oyster kiddos; if you have a passion for it, go for it.

I know now that no matter where I go, my family will always be there. I could be going to school in China, and they would never fade from my life. Trust the relationships that you have formed, and those that are meant to be will withstand the greatest of distances.

This is true for friends as well. I did leave some friends behind, and while there are some friendships from high school that have faded from my life, there are so many friendships from college that have lifted my spirits and have warmed my soul. They are the sisters that I never knew I had, girls who have taught me so much about life and friendship, girls who I couldn’t even imagine living without.

Remember that although you will have some wonderful social experiences, the point of college is to succeed academically. Like my parents always said, college is about setting up a good life for oneself.

So, although the frat parties, tailgates, random “bar” outings, and any and all social events that you will encounter are fun, and enticing, and freeing, remember that there is always a time to step away from the red solo cup and crack open a book. One day the parties won’t be there anymore, and what you have to fall back on is your academic track record, not your social one.

To the Class of 2016, I leave with you this:

….check out the rest of the article here.


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