Ghosts in My Vodka, a new play

Hello Beautiful People,

Our founders new play, Ghosts in My Vodka, opens at The Manhattan Repertory Theatre on August 22nd at seven pm.

What’s it about you ask?

It’s a sad moment in many lives, when we fall in love with someone, and the reality doesn’t match the actual person.  So often, we put our best foot forward in the beginning of a relationship, but our true colors show after a couple of months.  

Mia and Eddie fell head over heels in love rather quickly – a freight train, Eddie called it. Eddie makes an assortment of  “promises” to Mia –  he talks of marriage, babies, white picket fences…the whole enchilada.  And then, practically overnight, Eddie checks out on Mia and their relationship.  He blames depression, frustration, an assortment of external factors, and he pushes Mia away. Mia respects his space, only to find out that he had another girl waiting in the wings, and it’s a blow that she’s not quite able to handle.  She turns to vodka to cope with her pain, and abuses it. Can her friends and family help her overcome the ghosts of her relationship that continue to haunt her? Or will she be consumed by darkness forever?

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