A Write Teacher Review: Crystal Lies, by Melody Carlson

Hello Friends,

Drug addiction is something that is near and dear to my heart.
Ok, perhaps it is not dear, but it is, without a doubt, near.
No, I am not a drug addict. My parents are not drug addicts. My sibling is not a drug addict. My friends are not drug addicts. Here at The Write Teacher, none of us are drug addicts.
But my students, many of whom call me mom, well, now one too many of them are drug addicts. More than I’d prefer to count. And it breaks my heart.
Oh how it breaks my heart!
I tell my students all the time, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as recreational drug use. To quit such substances takes the help and support of many people. I tell them that they’re wrong if they think that the only person they’re hurting is themselves. That is such a foolish thought, for their addictions taint the lives all around them. Sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, teachers, bosses, friends, and parents…they’re all effected.
I’ve seen drugs destroy friendships.
I’ve seen drugs destroy siblings.
I’ve seen drugs destroy families.
They rule your life.
They take your innocence.
And once you start, you will go to hell and back before you can stop.
Melody Carlson goes into all of this and more in her novel, Crystal Lies.
Glennis Harmon is living the cookie cutter life.  Perfect husband, perfect house, and two perfect children. Then one day, her son, Jacob, becomes addicted to crystal meth. And just like that, the perfect world of Glennis is shattered.  What will happen to the Harmon family? What will happen to Jacob?
Read Crystal Lies and find out!

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