Loss & Life…

Hello Beautiful People,

Today we thought a lot about loss & life

Looking out on the water,

I feel you there.

The heat from the sand & the sun, the wind whipping my hair…

I feel you there.

We take a breath,

and  feel your absence.

We take a breath,

and feel your presence.

The joys in life,

we know you’re watching.

The cool ocean breeze,

we know you’re thinking.

We feel you there. 

There’s never a day that I don’t think of you,

There’s never a day I don’t miss you.

I smile, and I think of you.

I cry, and I think of you.

I always think of you. 

There are so many days, too many to count, when I wish you were still here.

I always wish you were still here…

…and I always will.

True loss, true love, it cuts us deep.

It’s something we never forget.

Too soon, sometimes, we loose the ones we love.

Too soon, sometimes, they leave our presence.

It is not fair.

It will never feel fair.


It is because them, that we are who we are.

It is because of them, that we strive to be great.

It is because of us, that they live on.



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