A Write Teacher Review: Goodbye for Now, by Laurie Frankel

Hello Friends,
We first came across the work of Laurie Frankel this past December. We were meandering around the aisles in Barnes and Noble, and our eyes fell upon a rather interesting book cover, The Atlas of Love.

The Atlas of Love is an unexpected love story. It is an unexpected story of friendship. The Atlas of Love is a true testament to the constant quirkiness of life. It’s a different story. It’s a great story.

After reading Goodbye for Now, it’s obvious that Frankel has a knack for writing about the unexpected, a way with weaving words together that so beautifully depict the quirkiness of life.

Sam Elling is a computer software engineer genius, who works for an online dating company. Despite his profession, he’s still single, and not for lack of trying. So, he decides to put his genius to good dating use, and creates an algorithm that matches people with their soul mates. The algorithm works perfectly, matches Sam with the love of his life, Meredith. But, all good things come with a price, and Sam actually looses his job, because although the soul mate algorithm works wonders, it caused the company to lose money, since everyone was meeting Mr. or Ms. Right in the first try.

Then, as always, life takes an unexpected twist. Meredith’s grandmother, Livvie, dies, and she cannot deal with the pain. In an attempt to heal her heart, Sam creates a computer simulation of Livvie,using her electronic memory, (Facebook posts, tweets, texts, emails, and video chats), so that Meredith can have closure and say goodbye.

Meredith is in love with this new software, and wants to share it with the world. And so RePose was born. A computer science fix to making death a bit easier.  A place in cyberspace where the loved ones that you lost live on. RePose allows you to have conversations a little bit longer, email or text that last letter, it gives you just five more minutes, or more if you need it.

RePose makes death a little bit easier.

Or does it?

Find out for yourself, and get a copy of Goodbye for Now.






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