A Write Teacher Review: The Good Woman, by Jane Porter

Hello Friends,

We recently finished reading The Good Woman, by Jane Porter.

{insert swooning here}

We didn’t like The Good Woman, we LOVED The Good Woman.The Good Woman is a story about family, love, friendship, marriage, sisterhood, motherhood, and life.

Meg Brennan Roberts is forty-two years old.  She is the wife of Jack.  She is the mother of Jack Jr., Gabi, and Tessa.  She is the older sister of Kit, Sarah, Brianna, and Tommy. She is the daughter of Marilyn and Tom.  She is the sister-in-law of Cass. She is a talented publicist. She is always responsible, always loyal, always dutiful. And yet…

Perfection can be exhausting. Armor and strength can sometimes be deceiving. I think all of us know that there are times when we feel like we’re going to break in half, pull out our hair, and scream like a lunatic.  There is a part of Meg that is lonely. A part of Meg that needs more warmth, more love, more attention…just…more.

And then she met Chad Hallahan.

And then she questions…everything.

Life is complex. Love is complex. Affairs are also complex. Marriage is tough, and marriage is beautiful.  And the human spirit, well, it’s the most beautiful thing of all. I truly do not want to go into this story more, for I would not want to spoil anything for all you readers. You will DEVOUR this book. When it’s over, you will be sad, you will be satisfied, although you will want more…

…& guess what…

Ms. Porter will deliver, for The Good Woman is the first part of the Brennan Sisters trilogy. What comes next? The Good Daughter. 


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