336 Hours…

Hello Friends!

We’re pleased to announce that our founders most recent article, 336 Hours, was featured in the September issue of Wild Sister Magazine! 



What is Wild Sister Magazine?

Wild Sister is an online empowerment magazine + online community for women who are changing the world.

We are positive media. We focus on promoting self-love, inner exploration, sisterhood, and empowerment.

Wild Sister Magazine liberates souls by delivering authentic inspiration and jaw-dropping graphics, layered and mixed into creations that spark. We share stories that empower, wisdom that transforms, and truth that awakens the core.

Each issue is created with a specific topic in mind, such as Self-Love, Making Dreams Come True and Be Your Own Hero. We feature articles, interviews, artwork, poetry and videos, giving you more than just a PDF download – it’s an experience. A community. A movement.

This sneak peek of 336 Hours:

She rode in the bottom of a ship for 336 hours. That’s two weeks. She shared a room with strangers; she braved the swells of the Atlantic. She never touched a glass of wine again, because of that trip. She was nauseous. She was twenty-six. She was alone.

But she was brave. She was a fighter. She was a dreamer. She was…unstoppable.

She rode in the bottom of a ship for two weeks. For three hundred and thirty-six hours.

She came from Italy, and arrived in New York. She came to meet the love of her life. The love of her life, a man whom she fell in love with, not for his muscles, or money, or social status; this is not what caught her eye.

Did you like what you read? Wild Sister is filled with so many more beautiful stories, videos, poems, and artwork.  Get your issue by clicking right.here.

We PROMISE you will love it.

So come on, join the sisterhood!



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