A Write Teacher Review: Danny’s Mom, by Elaine Wolf

Hello Friends,

We’ve recently finished Elaine Wolf’s second novel, Danny’s Mom.

Danny’s Mom is about a woman, Beth Maller, who loses her son Danny in a car crash.

It was snowing.

He had just started driving.

She didn’t want him to go…

…but she didn’t feel like arguing with her husband, Joe.

He was seventeen, and her only child.

As Beth deals with the crippling pain that comes with losing a child, and the fallout that’s resulting in a crumbling marriage, her job as a guidance counselor is what gets her through the day.  In the aftermath of her son’s death, she becomes truly attuned to the injustices that exist within the walls of the school that she has worked in for eleven years. And when homophobia starts to plague the school, it’s faculty, and it’s student body, she faces and uphill battle in trying to bring peace and equality to Meadowbrook High School.

Oh. My. God.

Upsetting like we never imagined. The thought of administrators being so out of touch with reality, well, it makes us think of what will happen should Governor John Christie ever have his was with the education system.

{It would be a disaster.}

Danny’s Mom examines a multitude of issues, but one of the most important things that you should take away from it is thus:

It’s never okay to idly stand by and watch hatred brew. 



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