The Bookstore Pledge

Hello Friends,

We cried when Borders closed. Yes, we said it, we cried. Tears fell and sloshed and splattered all over the pages of our books, as we sat in the aisle of Borders in that final week, soaking up the last bit of what magic was left.

We love Barnes & Noble, but it does remind us of FOX BOOKS, you know, from You’ve Got Mail? FOX BOOKS is the ginormous book store that puts Meg Ryan’s one of a kind shop out of business…you know, The Shop Around the Corner.

What is The Shop Around the Corner?

An. Independent. Bookstore.

We miss those! They held magic, charm, mystery…sparkle! We would like more sparkle.

More. Sparkle.

So when we come across gems like Books & Books in Westhampton Beach, our heart goes pitter patter.

Books & Books is a reader/artist/musician/bookworm den of zen; it’s pure bliss. It’s small, it’s personable, it’s charming…it’s our very own Shop Around the Corner.

So, we’ve taken “The Bookstore Pledge”, and promised to find more of these gems throughout this school year. We will travel, we will take suggestions, and we will write about it all.

{Care to join?}





2 thoughts on “The Bookstore Pledge

  1. WE are so lucky to have a GREAT indie bookstore here on Bainbridge Island, Eagle Harbor Books, and in nearby Poulsbo, “the Liberty Bay” book store! ISN”T that great ?
    Support the local guys!

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