A Write Teacher Review – Cry for Peace: Voices from the Congo

Hello Beautiful People, 

Our founder had the pleasure of attending the NYSTEA conference in Syracuse, New York this past weekend.  One of the highlights of her trip was being able to see Cry for Peace: Voices from the Congo at Syracuse Stage.

There’s nothing like going to see live theater. It permeates every single being in your body. Every cell, every piece of soul that you have just becomes permeated with the art. Like one of my former students said, you can feel it from your head to your toes.

It. is. beautiful. 

When I heard that I was going to see Cry For Peace: Voices from the Congo, I was excited.  I mean, who doesn’t love going to a new show? And then I heard that it was a true story, and I was intrigued.  There are roughly 200 Congolese refugees living in Syracuse, New York, and they had come together through music and theater, (under the direction and of Ping Chong & Company) to create this piece of theatre.

AND THEN I heard that the actors were not professionals, but real people. Civilians if you will.

And they were telling their own stories. Stories of rape, death, torture, tragedy…stories that are rooted in such intense sadness, but yet they manage to simultaneously have faith and hope weaved into them as well. 




To be able to perform takes strength, courage, and passion.  To tell your own story of pain and suffering…well, I do not even know the world for that. I do not think there is language that will do such actions justice.  It was remarkable.

Despite my definite difference of opinion on certain theatrical choices that were made, Ping Chong and Company shed light and awareness on a story that will pierce your heart.  They gave a platform to those who cry for peace, and that, is absolutely beautiful thing.

After this show leaves Syracuse, it will be performed at the La MaMa theatre in Manhattan.

Go check it out.


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