Music Magic SNEAK PEEK: Live from the Bissell House in CT with Dan Lavoie

Hello Friends,

We’re trying something new this week at The Write Teacher, and writing to you all live from one of our events.  Dan Lavoie, who is participating in our Music Magic Series, invited us to come to his show at the Bissell House in Ridgefeild, Connecticut.

The Bissell House is a quaint, candlelight restaurant on Main Street in Ridgefeild…and then there’s Dan Lavoie.

The strength, soul, and heart of his voice and guitar playing permeates every corner of the room, while simultaneously weaving it’s way into your bloodstream.

He’s that good.

He’ll remind you of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and someone else that we can’t quite put our finger on…and yet, he has a certain je nai se qua that mesmerizes you from the opening note to the closing chord.

He’s that good.

While listening to his musical stylings, an executive from Esquire Magazine noticed us tapping away on our iPad. He wanted to know if we were covering Dan, because, “this guys is freaking awesome.”

Yes, he’s that good.

Dan’s Q&A for the Music Magic Series will be posted on October 13th, so be sure to check back for our exclusive interview!



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