Banned. Books.

Hello Friends,

Banned. Books.

{Insert shudder here.}

Banned. Books.

Our fingers hurt writing those words.  There is a pit in our stomachs when we see the black and white print on the screen.

Banned. Books. 


When we start banning books, well, the world becomes a dark & scary place.  You start banning books & you will start banning ideas.  And that’s just scary, isn’t it? Life is about learning from each other, from one another, it’s about weeding through the muck and getting to the clarity of it all…but who’s to say what we can and cannot READ?

Reading. Ah goodness, it’s a lifeline for us.  It’s a lifeline for many.  We will never know what it was like to live during the Civil War, but we’ve read about it in a book.  We did not live through Civil Rights Era, but we’ve read about it in a book.  We do not know what the future holds, but I hope that it’s better than some of the stories that we have read.

In 2011, the following list of books were challenged, not banned.  At least that’s progress…


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