GLADIATORS are people too…

Hello you BEAUTIFUL Gladiators,

Last night we had the pleasure of watching Shonda Rhimes’ newest hit series, SCANDAL.

S.c.a.n.d.a.l.o.u.s indeed!

The second episode continued to keep up with its high expectations, and delivered yet another scintillating episode.

It. Is. Awesome.

Olivia Pope continued to show the world how she is in fact, a gladiator. Gladiators defend all that is good. They are champions of the people. And…

…even gladiators are human.

The tender phone calls between Olivia and Fitz resonated with all of us here at The Write Teacher, and we would venture to say that those calls resonated with the rest of the viewers too.

How many of us have been in relationships where love was not enough, where careers & life & everything in between just get in the way? How many of us have fallen for someone who belongs to someone else? How many of us have just wanted someone to let us go, no matter what the pain? How many of us out there have had our hearts broken?

We’re going to go with a lot. 

That is the beautiful part of second episode. It highlights the frustration, the temptation, and the complexities that inevitably come with having an affair.

It’s messy. It’s love. It’s pain. It’s life.

This episode reminds us that even the wisest gladiators feel pain; they too can have their hearts broken.  No matter how strong they may seem, they are people too. 

The next episode airs in two weeks, we will be watching, will you?

Note – Image source – ILuvOlitz Tumblr. 

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