Homeland, Season 2, Episode 2

Hello Friends,

Have we mentioned how much we are in awe of the talent of the writers of the Showtime network?

{Insert gushing sounds of joy here}

We. Love. Them.

It seems to us, that everything that they touch is gold, and the newest hit, Homeland is phenomenal.

We’ve been fans of Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin for as long as we can remember, and Damien Lewis is quickly becoming one of our favorite actors as well. But the WRITING! Oh, the writing. It’s just a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant script.

The second episode of this season took the show to a whole new level of intensity.  Carrie is working on borrowed time, back among her co-workers and the career that she has devoted her life to, only to have the clock strike twelve and go back to grading middle school papers when she returns to the states. And you feel for her, your really do…

…because she’s clearly good at her job as an agent. And yet, she doesn’t trust her instincts anymore, because everyone around her told her that she was wrong about Brody.  Because everyone around her told her she was insane.  Because everyone around her said that she should just surrender herself to the electric shock treatments, to the medicine, and to embrace the fact that her disease will ultimately dictate her life.

But are they right?

Is Brody as squeaky clean as he seems?

This is the last time we will not spoil the episodes and let you all know what happens.  Go watch the show now, and then come back and join the discussion.

Image via NY Times


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