Music Magic Series: Dan Lavoie

Hello Beautiful People,

Y’all first met Dan Lavoie when we gave you a sneak peek into his Q&A session here. He’s originally from Pawling, NY, and is a phenomenal singer and guitar player. His music has soul & passion & heart, and he’s about to kick off another tour October 31st! Check out his Facebook page for more details. Here’s his exclusive Q&A for the Music Magic Series at The Write Teacher

TWT: First things first, who are your musical inspirations?

DL: I don’t know where to start! I appreciate and listen to so many types of music. But, I’d have to say, Jack Johnson, DMB, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Citizen Cope, Cliff Burton, (the original bass player from Metallica), Jimi Hendrix, and Trey Anastasio from Phish.

TWT: When did you start playing guitar?

DL: I first started playing guitar by watching my older brother, Mikie. I would actually flip his guitar, (which was for right-handed players) upside down like Jimmy Hendrix and play left-handed. Then one day I was able to get my own!

TWT: Talk to us about your music education…

DL: When I first fell in love with music, I basically taught myself, and mimicked my older brother. Later on, I enrolled in the Music Performance Program at Dutchess Community College and received my MPC with honors. I was also accepted into the Berklee College of Music.

TWT: Do you write at a particular time of day?

DL: I write when its there. I write when it’s organic. I find that my best songs come when it just feels right, trying to force a song just doesn’t work. I play, and I’ll jam out on my guitar, and then I just sing what I feel. So far that’s working for me.

TWT: Just for fun, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

DL: Coffee and mint chocolate chip.

TWT: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

DL: In 10 years I would like to be reaping the befits of the hard work I’m putting in now. I would like to be a successful traveling musician, but have my career balanced with my personal life. I’d like to be married with children, and I would hope that my wife supportive of my tour schedule. I would like to be able to take my family on tour with me if it were at all possible!

TWT: Who is/was your greatest teacher?

DL: I’d have to say my mother and father, and my older brother, Mikie.

Go check out his music, now. You know we never steer you wrong!

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