A Write Teacher Review: Girls in White Dresses, by Jennifer Close

Hello Friends, 

Let us introduce you to Isabella, Mary, & Lauren.
They’re friends. They’re living in Manhattan. They have careers & family drama & old loves & new loves.  Their days & weekends are jam-packed to begin with, and then there are the weddings, you see…
…All. Of. Their. Friends. Are. Getting. Married. 
And now, they must weave the endless amounts of bridal showers & bridesmaid duties into their schedules and lives, while still maintaining their mental sanity.  Because admiring china patterns & bedding & the newest gadget from Williams Sonoma can get old real quick, and even the largest amounts of pink champagne & Bloody Marys cannot make it a pleasurable experience. 
Don’t be deceived by the title, Girls in White Dresses, is not even close to typical “ChickLit”.                                                   
It’s witty. It’s heartfelt. It’s honest. It’s smart. It’s funny…
It. Is. Real.
Go get it now, you know we’d never steer you wrong.


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