It’s Hunting Season…

Hello Gladiators, 

Oh SCANDAL, you did it again!

In the third episode, Olivia Pope takes on a strange, paranoid client (or so we think) who claims the National Security Agency is spying on American civilians using a program called Thorngate.

How would you feel if you found out the government was spying on you in your own home?  What if it was in order fight terrorism?

Of course laws and constitutional rights do not allow such actions, but you never know…..

Olivia has her own personal reason as to why she takes this client, those late night phone calls from the oval office.  Uh oh, those phone calls can’t get out!  This episode (and the next) makes it look like the affair takes a turn and may come to an end, or this is what they want us to think.

This paranoid client ends up outsmarting Pope and Associates but do you think he’ll get away with it?!  No way, Olivia Pope figures out how to fix it once again.  And Hock (my favorite character by the way) ties up any loose ends.

The next episode looks even more Scandalous, if you will!  I’ll be writing again next week, so be sure to watch & tweet & talk with us!

Stay turned…

XO ~ Lisa 

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