TUTORING at The Write Teacher

A Little Bit O’History…
The Write Teacher started off as a student centered tutoring company based in Long Island, New York.  Our passions are education, books, theatre, and film.  Our “Great Stuff” section was originally entitled “Great Reads”, which were books that we loved and felt others would love too! We are now pleased to report that our “Great Reads” section has gotten WONDERFUL feedback, worldwide, and is now called, “Great Stuff”, encompassing literature, film, theater, and newsworthy education stories. We are now actively reviewing books for ALL ages, as well as theatre and film. Please inquire within about review requests, and email us at thewriteteacher.director@gmail.com.

JUST because we are now actively reviewing literature, theatre events, and film, does not mean we still do not tutor! We are the BEST tutors out there.

Here at The Write Teacher, all of our teachers are certified, professional, classroom teachers. We’re a young team of educators trying, (as cliché as it might sound), to help kids of all ages. Since all of our instruction is catered to the specific needs of our students, fees will inevitably vary.  Contact us today for further inquiries, and to set up your first appointment – you won’t be disappointed.

Once again, our email us at thewriteteacher.director@gmail.com.

BOTTOM LINE: We love what we do – whether it is teaching, discussing literature, theater, and/or music.


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