Reading Group Guides:

We are taking inquiries from publishers, agents, and authors regarding reading group guides for current & future novels.

Please email us at, as prices will vary.

Paid Promotions:

While we currently, and let’s make this crystal clear, have not received any monetary compensation for our reviews as of this moment. The window is now open for our paid promotion feature.  Should a publisher, agent, author, musician, producer, and/or bookseller be interested in contracting us to do a paid promotion for said artist, (contest giveaway, promo for shows, or anything else y’all might need), that is always an option.

Also, please note that should we receive monetary compensation for ANY review, that will be stated for our readers, by using the tag: #workinghard.

Again, please email us at, as prices will vary depending on the project.

If you’d prefer, you may fill out this lovely little form right here with any questions & comments:


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