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Here at The Write Teacher, our goal is to frame content that is both intelligent and engaging through the lens of cultural context.  We strive to create a personal hub on this big wide web for teachers, students, and everyone in between! We want to fuel dialogue and challenge our readers to dig deeper through content that has substance. Substance…that brings us to our next point.  Here at The Write Teacher, we’re striving to create cultural substance, a (hopefully) welcomed refresher from the world of reality television and celebrity mania.  The world is changing rapidly, and we’re setting the framework for discussion.  Read, write, watch, & talk with us…we WANT to hear what you have to say!

Megan Minutillo // Founder

Megan Minutillo is a writer, playwright, director, and teacher living in New York.  She studied Philosophy, Politics, Law and theatre at Binghamton University.  After graduation, she went on to receive her M.A. from NYU in Educational Theatre and English Education.  Her most recent plays have been presented at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre in NYC, and she continues to direct productions for the Young American Writers Project, of Stony Brook Southampton University. Megan is the founder of The Write Teacher, and committed bringing you the latest and greatest in books, television, film, theatre, & education.  Likefollow, & pin with The Write Teacher, and tweet with Megan here.






Deidra O’Brian // Music Maven & English Teacher Extraordinaire

Deidra O’Brian is an English teacher, writer, & has a voice that will melt your heart and soothe your soul. She and Megan met four years ago, when they were both substitute teachers in the same school.  They are now soul sistahs for life. Deidra lives on Long Island, New York, with her husband Matthew, a biology teacher. Deidra is currently teaching English at a private school on Long Island, she is a seasoned barista at Starbucks, a freelance make-up artist, and the sounding board for all things at The Write Teacher. 







Nicole Roos // Elementary Expert 

Nicole completed her undergraduate degree at St. Joseph’s College in 2007.  In 2009 she  graduated from Dowling College with a Master’s degree in Literacy Education. Nicole is certified in the areas of literacy, general education, (birth-sixth grade), and special education, (birth-ninth grade). She has worked for the BOCES summer school program for children with special needs for three years.  Nicole also worked with “at-risk” youth at one of the BOCES Regional Alternative High School sites, for three years, which is how she met Megan.  They made quite the team! Nicole also taught sixth grade science, literacy, and social studies; Nicole also worked in an elementary classroom with children ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade.  Nicole just launched her own tutoring company, Long Island Tutor, be sure to check it out. 

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