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We are pleased to report that one of our Write Teachers is an active contributor at GlassHeel.com, a truly remarkable website!

The latest article….

Remember Your Intuition…

Lately I’ve been wondering why women do not listen to their intuition more often. While I wholeheartedly believe that our intuition is always present, I feel that we often ignore the intuition we get from our romantic relationships. I have found that a woman will look the other way when it comes to a flaw in a relationship or a marriage, but she will trust her gut should there be any inkling of wrongdoing when it comes to her child or a female friend.

What IS that about?

Is it because we strive so hard to see the good in people? Is it because, like old adage goes, “Ignorance is bliss?”

What is it?

I know men who cheat on their spouses, repeatedly, and yet they are married. And forgive me, my male audience, but these “gentlemen” are not exactly smooth when it comes to their infidelity tactics, so I KNOW the wives know, and yet, heads are turned and the skeleton remains in the closet.


I myself am guilty of this behavior. My last relationship, the love of my life, well, he cheated.  Infidelity, whether it is emotional or physical, well, it cuts right to the bone.  I had my suspicions about the actions of my former beloved, and yet I swept them under the rug.  I too looked the other way, although, it has been nearly impossible to look away from the pictures that were recently brought to my attention. It actually made me physically ill to see my worst nightmare come true. I for one, carry pain like that around for a while, for when you love, truly and completely, well, it makes the lies that much worse. A picture says a thousand words doesn’t it? And it seems as if every time you torture yourself by looking at it, it says a thousand more.  You look inward, and say, what did I do wrong? How did this happen? What does she have that I don’t? How did I not see this? Yet, when one is cheated on, these are not the questions to be asking. And yes, there is such a thing as emotionally cheating, I mean, that’s what leads to affairs, isn’t it?

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